Friday, December 30, 2011

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Celebrity Trend Spotted!

Every once in a while BaniCeleb loves to hunt for a celebrity with a unique fashion trend. Some Celebrities have little or no sense of style, but some have a lot. Those that do, are being noticed and talked about for a week or more. Check out Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's amazing shoes. Love it or hate it - it's your choice!

Ever since one of the most popular Fashion Magazines  ELLE announced Rosie as the Best Dressed Woman of the Year 2011, people (more likely women) started to carefully copy her looks. The paparazzi goes almost everywhere she goes just to catch Rosie's latest outfit.

I myself really admire the model's style. It is always so unique, nothing too much.
Most of the time Rosie Huntington-Whiteley would wear a casual T-shirt, along with a pair of skinny jeans and would accessorize the look with high heels and a leather bag. She would put on sunglasses and would really rock in any outfit!
That is why I admire her looks all the time.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Latest Fashion News

X-Factor's Biggest Star- Pepsi!

Hey Ladies and Gents, time to talk about the latest X-factor stars! However, I want to skip the celebrities and talk about the real star of the night... the  Pepsi handbag!
I must say...Wow! I don't know if you have the same reaction as I do, but I absolutely love Paula Abdul's handbag!  A crystal can-like handbag with a gold chain attached has definitely attracted more than one pair of eyes, I would say.

There is no doubt in weather Paula got some bucks from the Pepsi company in order to show up carrying a sparkly can-handbag with a huge Pepsi logo on the side. never mind that. I myself love it!
For the X-Factor show, Paula really brightened up her look with the bag. She wore a stripy suit, which would look really pale and boring without a proper accessory. So, Paula decided to go all the way and accessorize herself with a sparkly Pepsi handbag. Her look suddenly turned from boring to hip and chic!

Just one question bothers me.. how do you open a handbag, which looks just the same as an ordinary can? Do you open it just like a can? I haven't seen any zipper on it. I'll find out soon I guess.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed the post! Thanks and see you next time!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Our Wedding Collection!!

OK Girls, for all those interested in the wedding dresses I have something special organized for you. The Wedding collection! Yes, that's right. I just love weddings, plus my older sister is getting married! So there you have the two main reasons why I am looking forward for any wedding event:)
Take a look at Vera Wang's collection. Truly beautiful, breathtaking and ... well, you decide.

I call this one the girly and cutre dress. I love the cut. Designed for the person who wishes to be the Ball Girl. I remember one of my Barbies had a similar dress. The lace on the shoulders make it extra feminine. There is no chance in the world that you won't get notice in this! 

Strapless wedding dresses have become very popular over the years. Under dozens of material the Bride can still show some skin and look stunning. The type of dress suits women with petite shoulders. I love the bow around the model's hips!

And finally, our third picture. Wedding dress not so similar to the two above dresses. The colour definitively changes the whole look. A warm shade of grey make any person say : "is she the bride?" . Definitively the color is for brides who look for fashion and that "something" instead of just jumping into white. It's 2011! Soon we will see more colors on the wedding dresses than we can imagine...

So how did you like them? These were my 3 favorite wedding dress which I would catch my eye on. I love them- what is your opinion?? Comment!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Latest Fashion News

 Find the Difference: Carey Mulligan's photo!

I found out just recently, that the young British actress had quite a busy year..  The same picture of the stunning Carey has been used as a cover to three famous fashion magazines, Vogue, Glamour and Elle.
"Recycling Magazine Cover" - that is how I would describe this horrible mistake. Check out why!

Carey Mulligan wear a Chanel dress. The first photo has been taken last year in October for the Vogue Magazine.


Two months later, the photo also ended up on a German edition of  "Glamour". The photo is the same, it has slight edited features.


And now, for Elle's magazine cover for November, the actress once again showed up wearing the same dress. It's no coincidence that Carey wore the same dress for a photoshoot. The magazine just copied the photo. It's is amazing how such a big Company never bothered to renew Carey's look.

Even though the three pictures appear the same, they were actually edited. If you look closely, you may find slight differences in each one of those covers. The last picture shows Carey wearing a very natural lipstick, whereas on the two above covers - well, she you can't say it's her natual lip colour.
But it's not about the colours nor the shades. It's about the mistake caused by "ignorance" (maybe). The three magazines should and are promoting the latest fashion trends. The cover is very important as well as the inside stories. And Carey posing again for the cover wearing the same dress she wore last year is just... above and behind.

What do you guys think? Was it OK for Carey to be on the November 2011 Fashion Cover, wearing "not" the latest fashion trend? Comment if you wish to be heard!