Thursday, August 16, 2012

Latest Fashion News

Hey everybody! 
So today I want to talk about what will be going on this winter. I know, summer hasn't ended yet, but your favorite fashion design labels have been working all summer for you to prepare for the cold days.

Marc Jacobs is a highly reputable fashion designer, his collections inspire many people around the world. This fashion label is known to always amaze its fans by their amazingly put together fabrics and colors.

This winter Marc Jacobs got inspired by heavy and furry hats and jackets. Models paraded on the catwalk wearing these over-sized hats and fur jackets with huge buttons. I would describe this collection as an over-sized, renaissance style.

However, most women love glam, so Marc Jacobs designed these renaissance shoes with sparkling diamond squares in front. I call the "Mozart Shoes" as because these type of shoe design was worn back in the 1600's. They seem very comfy, however, I prefer high heels :)

There were many prints and patterns. Zebra print hats, cotton sweaters and skirts and much more. Marc Jacobs designed clothing to keep each woman warm and glamorous this winter. 

I truly love how many fabrics and prints were chosen to create one beautiful collection. I hope you too got cozy while looking at those beautiful hats and warm scarves :)