Friday, February 10, 2012

Latest Fashion News

Viola Davis for Los Angeles Times

There is this saying in Hollywod - "It's her time to shine". Every popular celebrity has his moment to shine and I can definitively say that this moment came to Viola Davis.
You may know this gorgeous lady from movies like "Solaris" or "Traffic". I gave a link to each movie, so you can refresh your memory if you've forgotten who this lady is.

It is said Viola might be going might receive an Oscar this year! She already is nominated for one for her great performance as an actress.
Now we just have to wait and see the results.

So these are the main events which are happening in her life right now, but I want to talk about the fabulous pictures and the LA Magazine. 

I love the way she's posing, as if so natural she doesn't mind the photographers.  She's just doing what she loves to do. And the look is amazing.  In the movie "the Help" where she played on of the main roles, she looked more puffy. The role required her to gain a few pounds. But it looks like she went back to her figure and very quickly too.
Could it be the Stress before the Oscars?

The Dress is from Jason Wu Fall/Winter 2011/2012 and I must add that a little lady called Diane Kruger has also been seen wearing this creation. 
The Dress is a big dark, but the white ruffles at the end just limit the amount of black color. Well, it's no longer Black- it's a Black and White dress.
I love this dress. It makes the legs appear very thin and slim. The dress is created to be puffy and I can even say girly. But once a woman wears it with lovely heels and spice that dress with a fab clutch... the girly girl inside that dress no longer looks cute, she's more feminine and sexy. True to that!

So hope you guys liked it, I'm recently lacking some time to write but I will try all my best to post few bits and pieces soon!