Sunday, April 15, 2012

Latest Fashion News

Tropical H&M

New collection just arrived! Pictures taken by the professional Terry Richardson.

Yes, it's finally here! You know, I have been hearing rumors about H&M starting a completely new collection with totally different design and colors, but I wasn't really aware of how amazing they would look.
Take a tour around this post and see if you like it!

A beautiful white, long and fluffy dress. I love it myself. If I had a chance to go out and wear it- I would. The amazing cotton fabric is so economic, the dress may look expensive, but it's actually affordable.
Perfect for a night out, long walks down the beach, or even going to the theater!

This is my favorite. I love the delicate fabric, skin tight dress. And pink is my favorite color. 
It's actually suitable for any occasion. Romantic, Girly, Sexy or even Casual style. 
I am thinking about wrapping the dress with a small brown leather belt around the waist, then just brown sandals. Simply Perfect.

Sleeveless dress... oh, how many girls love those type of dresses. 
Beautiful cotton, so affordable. H&M company made it sure everyone can glam and afford a beautifully designed dress this summer.

There are many more designs to choose from, I like those three. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Latest Fashion News

Alejandro Resta Outfits

While browsing the Spanish Vogue  magazine, I stopped and looked at one picture. A photo of a model dressed so nicely. She was wearing an elegant top and trousers with cut parts on the sides. All blue. Then a finishing big gold belt and necklace. It looked wonderful so I decided to do some more research on the Fashion Designer, in this case known as Alejandro Resta.  I found these mixed photos:

This is one of the models. I really love that dress, the cut and the fabric. I used to have Barbie dolls and they had the same dresses. Kind of silky, very visible when creased. I guess what really bothers me is that there is something "too much" in the look. Very often Fashion designers don't realize how just simple an outfit can go, so they try to accessorize to make it more glamorous. In this case I think Alejandro went too far. 
I often see the same dress cut on one of the celebrities, and the only thing they wear is high peep-toes and a clutch. They know that once they accessorize with too much jewellery or better yet, a wild hairstyle, the heavy looking dress will be cut out from being seen and getting all the attention it was waiting for. 

I love the cuts and the color. Alejandro Resta chose very daring cuts on the models outfits. They show true glam to the highest standards. I just think there is too much. The wild and heavy on the spray hairstyle is not necessary here. too heavy make up has been used. The outfits or just enough I think. 
You know, maybe it's just me, thinking he went a little too far with the looks out here. Models looking like light bulbs, shining everywhere you look.....

Well, there you have it. Styles and Looks by Alejandro Resta. I'm sorry I didn't give you a link to his wikipedia page, it's because he's not there! 
Share your thoughts and tell us what you think with BaniCeleb! Do you think these outfits look elegant and worth wearing? Comment!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Latest Fashion News

What to Expect this Fall/Winter

I know we all are looking forward to the summer. Taking out all those summer dresses and denim shorts, spending time on the beach and picnics- ahh, can't wait.
But I just wanted to show you what one of the biggest fashion designer labels have been working on.
While we'll be at the beach tanning our skins, the Designers will be showing their fall/winter collection to all of us. Making sure we all stay in style is what all designers wish to achieve. And BaniCeleb too!:)
Ok, so here are some great pics I've chosen to show you. Burberry, as one of my favorite labels in the fashion industry.


Burberry is a long time recognizable Fashion label. Created by Thomas Burberry in 1856, Burberry is highly known from it trench coats. Therefore, the company tries to continue being recognized from their great coats and jackets. 
This fall and winter green and brown color shades were seen on clothes. Brown or yellow belts wrapped around jackets and dresses. Beautiful ankle boots and owl-print t-shirts made the outfits looks very cozy and casual. 

How to Wear it:

If you are a Burberry Girl, try wearing Earth-tone clothing. Tights with a knee-length skirt and an owl-print top, all wrapped with a small yellow belt. Trust me, you will look amazing!
For colder days, choose comfortable ankle boots and leather gloves. This will keep you warm and you will look glam.



When it comes to Versace, you have to really understand what they are trying to show in their outfits.
Providing very feminine clothing as well as bright and cheerful color tones, Versace is highly recognizable as one of the favorite and often-worn fashion brand by women of all ages.
The upcoming season too, Versace tries to add a bit of brightness to women's wardrobe. There are, however, deep and dark tones, cross-like print on tops and knee length shoes. Knee length dresses and skirts, dark and bright colours, various prints and cuts. All of that this fall with Versace.

How to Wear It:

I the latest Fall winter Versace collection is your thing, try either a black or yellow dress, leather knee-length boots and a cross necklace. Wear heavy make-up and a nude lipstick.
If you own a cross-print dress or skirt, or anything else, don't be shy- go ahead and try it out!
Even though you may look dark and deep, don't forget to show some skin (e.g knees and shoulders) to still keep the balance between heavy and sexy.



Gucci is a well-known fashion label. Many women adore their fabric and pattern choice. And no wonder. I myself love the latest fall-winter 2012/13 collection by Gucci.
"If you love a dark and deep style, why not go all the way"- this is what I think Gucci had in mind. Beautifully designed outfits. Silk, peep-toe shoes, leather knee-length boots, daring long dresses with amazing floral attachments. A bit goth but floral prints were also khown on some trousers and dresses.

How To Wear It:

To be a Gucci Girl, grab a pair of over-sized silk trousers along with a black floral top. Wear a daring dark red lipstick and knee-length leather boots. Remember, try to look deep yet with a class. And that's what Gucci is trying to show in his latest collection 2012/13

So ladies, how do you like it? Love it or hate it? Comment to share your opinion!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Latest Fashion News

Emilio Pucci Fall/Winter 2012/2013

I don't think I ever talked about Emilio Pucci and his design hear on BaniCeleb. I guess it was because there were many other designers who I had a choice to discuss about. But Today I am giving a chance for this amazing Fashion Designer. Once you'll see his collection, you'll understand immediately!

On the left side a beautiful model presents a lovely jacket. And don't know about you, but I know those jackets never get out of style! I have one since 5 years now and never been complaining about it going out of style. Anyway, Emilio Pucci decided the next season should have long skin colour jackets.
And for the ladies who already own a raincoat jacket, Emilio designed a lovely fur-like coat. The bright colour immediately catches the eye which then travels around the gold top and trousers. No accessories needed though- The Emilio Pucci Collection is more than enough!

I personally love the dress on the left. It is totally my style and would love to wear it. A few cuts here and there, see-through fabric and you're done!I love the see-through sleeves and the amazingly designed decolletage. The high cut on the bottom of the dress gave that complete sex-appeal touch.
On the right, furry and cozy again. Emilio Pucci knows how to be warm this upcoming winter. One thing that really bothers me are the 18th century shoes. It could be just me but I wouldn't wear them to such modern and 21st century clothing.  Here's why I think they don't match.

As you may already know from all of the above pics, Emilio Pucci's design are either one or two colored outfits. The spring summer collection was full of everything (honestly, all the patterns mixed together made my head hurt so badly), all patters, colors, fabrics - all of them mixed together. It's nice to see fashion got its balance back. Flowy dresses, amazing feminine cuts, unique and yet elegant colors - that's what you'll see in this collection. And honestly I love it.

Here's another dress that caught my eye. A violet skin tight dress with some cuts here and there. I wish I could show you gals all the outfits, but I guess I will leave the mystery right here. I'm sure you'll be happy to see all of them.
So, remember what's hot this fall and winter and start shopping for those amazing outfits!