Sunday, November 27, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Steven Alan Resort 2012

Not many of us yet know much about Steven Alan (his name only occured to my mind recently). So, as I am so curious I began to research. I wanted to find something more about him. 
However I cam across his 2012 Resort Collection. I need no more research. It was amazing. Pure elegant, cute and simple at the same time. I want to show you some amazing pics I gathered.

Simple, Casual and girly is how I would say about this collection. Steven Alan surely has an eye to simplicity.
I love the idea with the straw hat being the main accessory. The colours in the collection are again - simple and neutral.

Simple sandals, no high heels attached or anything. Those babies stay in fashion forever! I remember I had a pair of these years ago, and now ( years later) I write about them! I love polka dots, and Steven Alan combined a Polka T-shirt with a ruffled cream or navy skirt. 

Of all the lady Gaga's and Katy Perry's outfits I've seen so far, it's nice to see a change of simplicity into the world. I love the idea and would definitely recommend Steven Alan's amazing Resort 2012 collection. Of course, these types of skirts and Polka dots may be found at almost stores. I myself had a cheaper way of getting this style- Thank you H&M !!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Versace Ready for Summer!

Versace Sping/ Summer ready-to-wear collection for 2012 finally revealed! Take a moment of your time and gaze into this amazing collection, which Donatella has presented!

The whole runway show room was bright and delightful to look at. Warm tones and music really created this summery atmosphere. The catwalk was lightened up. And then, the Goddesses showed up. Each model more beautiful from the other. And the first thing a person would notice is... seashell print!

Yes, Donatella created some magnificent looks either with a sea shell print, starfish print or even a mermaid print. Bright outfits, white was definitively dominating. Shorts, blazers, dresses were very visible on the catwalk. And those high heeled sandals! I would die for one of them!  

The models had their hair straightened, a small dash of lip gloss, mascara, and once you know it, they were already on the catwalk. Sea Shell prints, Starfishes and white blazers are definitely my favorite option for summer!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Latest Fashion News

                  Lace Dress- How to wear it

OK, girls- admit some of you have at least one lace dress hanging in your closet.... Well, I'm one of those girls who doesn't owe a lace dress... yet. I wasn't really convinced all this time. Finally, just recently, I got some time for research and I found out that LACE isn't really that bad. It matches with almost any type of shoe. I can wear any type of jewellery, as long as it's elegant.

Here is our famous Twilight Star, Bella. Kristen Stewart to some people. We can see lace is definitely her call. Kristen love Gothic style, dark colours suit her well. As we can see, the Twilight girl gave her lips a red look and wore  pair of black heels. She looks hip, chick and very feminine. 10/10!

I love this photo! This is Nina Dobrev wearing Zuhair Murad's Dress. I love lace, because there is not much to accessorize once you wear it. If you wish to lighten up your black lace dress, try wearing a pair of red high heels andget amazing looking red lips just like Nina in the above picture did. The look is more romantic and sexy at the same time!

And here is our last model of the day- Chloe Moretz. This dress, by Dolce & Gabbana is truly fashionable. It's a two print dress. The upper layer is, of course lace, and the lower part of the dress is a floral print. Both so different, yet combine together with no problem. And that is amazing. The year 2011 is all about mixing all types of prints. It is playing with fashion-which is good, because fashion suppose to be fun, not boring, right?
Anyways, Chloe added a pair of bow-in-front sandals, which worked out pretty good.

And there you have it. Three amazing styles and looks. Whatever your style, you can always count on BaniCeleb!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Nikki Reid - Hot or Not?

The Premiere for the New Season of Twilight "Breaking Dawn", the Red Carpet is on fire. Many celebrities showed up. Kristen Stewart,  Robert Pattinson and so on.

What really makes me wonder, is that Nikki Reid looked very amazing. Nikki Reid had a beautiful white dress from Maria Lucia Hohan. As some of you may know, the dress also inspired  Stacy Keibler, George Cloony's new Girlfirend. 
At first, Nikki looked pretty amazing. Her beautiful tan, along with a white long dress. A perfect combination.
But the second time we looked, we thought: The dress widens her shoulders, it's slightly too big for her. This is not the type of dress she should wear for her body type.
What do you think?? Hot or Not?? Comment!